Room to Run is one of the few kennel operations that doesn't have a breeding facility attached to it. We only take animals who have been spay/neutered. We heavily believe in the importance of reducing animal overpopulation issues by altering your pets and not contributing to the abundance of unwanted and abandoned animals who already exist and flood Humane Societies and other shelters.

Room to Run shares its space with rescued cats and dogs of Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue. Operating in the High River and MD of Foothills area since 1999, thousands of dogs and cats have been vetted, socialized, retrained and ultimately re-homed through Heaven Can Wait. Until such time as a permanent home can be found, the rescue cats and dogs call Room to Run their home. All rescue animals are spay/neutered, have full inoculations including parvo/distemper, rabies, bordetella and have been parasite treated. The boarding dogs of Room to Run and the revenue we earn by caring for them, is what keeps Heaven Can Wait the charity going. Without the trust and confidence of our boarding clients our local animals in need wouldn't have a safe loving environment in which to live until their forever home is found.

Kim always jokes about buying a new truck, but we all know it won't happen! There are more important things to spend her money on and it always comes back to the animals. Whether it's boarding dogs or rescued animals our empathy and compassion goes out to them all, regardless if they have loving owners or not. We want to thank you for helping us to continue our work with abandoned, abused and homeless animals buy trusting us with the care of your family pet. The rescue work aside, it is our collective personal belief that all animals require good food, clean water, excellent exercise, kindness and daily leadership.