Make a Reservation

Please call our main line at 403-652-5002 or email us at with your dates and information to book a reservation for your dog.

Peak times such as summer and any major holiday tend to book 8 – 12 weeks in advance. A dog new to our kennel should come with their owners for a kennel tour. This is an important part of not only the owner choosing the right kennel for their dog, but coming to visit ahead of time will give your dog a sense of familiarity so that when they do come to stay, they have at least had a chance to "check us out"! Kennel tours take approximately half an hour, during which time we'll tour the facility together (on leash!) and answer any questions owners may have. We're also taking this opportunity to get to know your dog just a wee bit to give us a better sense of their nature, their willingness to accept a stranger as a caregiver and whether or not we are ultimately the right facility for your individual pet.

We specialize in first-time boarders as we recognize that even if the client never needs to board their dog again, the experience should be a fun one. We can also accommodate long term boarders and are familiar with country-of-origin quarantine procedures for dogs who will be sent overseas. And because we simply love the "oldies", we are comfortable caring for elderly pets which includes any medication protocols and attention to their higher needs. Kennels tours are non-scheduled, and owners are welcome to visit any day of the week after 12 noon and before dark with their dog. No appointment necessary!